WS9: Information Literacy, e-Learning, and Social Media

Date: 1050-1210 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H103

Session Chair: TBD

#1244: The Research of Experimental State Feedback Mechanism Based on Windows API Take Cloud Security Experimental Platform for Instance

Yun-Ting Ching and Yi-Ming Chen

#1210: Effectiveness of Constructing Information Literacy via Credited Information Literacy Program

Szu-Chia S. Lo

#1208: Interactive Augmented Reality System for Supporting Museum Guided Instruction

Ko-Fong Lee, Kai-Yi Chin, and Jim-Min Lin

#1259: Design of Chinese Language Learning APP in the Context-Aware Learning Environment

Hong-Ren Chen and Hsiao-Han Chiu

#1255: Originality Assurance in Academic Publication

Kun-Huang Huarng