WS5-1: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 0930-1030 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: TBD

#1117: An Efficient Authentication and Service Key Agreement Scheme in IOT Environments

Jheng-Jia Huang, Wen-Shenq Juang, and Chun-I Fan

#1013: Efficient Public Key Encryption with User-friendly Keywords Search for Searchable Cloud Storage

Kuo-Chang Chen, Yu-Chi Chen, Gwoboa Horng, and Raylin Tso

#1023: Reversible Data Hiding Method Based On CSD Data Representation

Shuenn-Shyang Wang, Kuo-Hui Li, Chien-Sung Li, and Yi Pin Liao

#1242: Classification of Generalized Graph-type (2,n)-Visual Secret Sharing Schemes and Optimal Construction For Multiple Secrets

Yuji Suga


WS5-2: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: TBD

#1217: A Privacy-Preserving Encoding For E Cient Comparison Queries and Access Control from Predicate Encryption

Shao-Heng Chen, Fu-Kuo Tseng, and Rong-Jaye Chen

#1074: Heap Spraying Revelation: Heap-spraying Detection Based on Minimal Length Sequence Finding and Argument Analysis

Pei-Chen Yeh, Hahn-Ming Lee, Hsiao-Rong Tyan, Kuo-Ping Wu, and Jiunn-Chin Wang

#1128: Detecting Malware in Malicious Virtual Machines using Tensor Analysis Techniques

Tien-Ruey Hsiang, Ting-Yao Chang, Wei-Yu Lai, and Ching-Hao Mao

#1230: A Trustworthy Assurance-as-a-Service Architecture

Mahalingam Ramkumar and Somya Mohanty

#1233: On the Effectiveness of Scheduling Fuzz Testing

Wei-Jun Chen, Hsiao-Rong Tyan, and Shih-Kun Huang

#1028: A New Investigation Approach for Tracing Source IP in DDoS Attack from Proxy Server

Jai-Rong Sun and Min-Shiang Hwang


WS5-3: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1440-1600 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Chia-Chen Lin, Providence University, Taiwan

#1188: Regulatory Framework for Information Security in Taiwan's New Personal Information Protection Act of 2012

Wei-Min Liao

#1115: Efficiently Tracking TANET Suspicious Packets and Identifying the Devices using Splunk

Hung-Yu Chien, Meng-Yuan Chiang, Yi-Ting Hsin, and Chun-Pei Hung

#1202: A High Capacity Reversible Multiple-Image Hiding Scheme

Chin-Feng Lee, Jui-Yu Chen, and Si-Ting Chen

#1007: Information Hiding Scheme Based On Replace Function and Wavelet Transform

Tzu-Chuen Lu, Sue-Chen Hsueh, Chun-Ya Tseng, and Pei-Lun Chen

#1070: Hybrid Intrusion Detection Framework for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

He-Ming Ruan, Gan-Wei Yeap, and Chin-Laung Lei


WS5-4: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H103

Session Chair: TBD

#1121: Frameworks in Evidence Collection in Forensics by Analyzing Temporal Cloud Storage Forensics

Da-Yu Kao, Min-Jung Chung, and Shiuh-Jeng Wang

#1127: Design of Proxy Signature Schemes using Self-Certified Public Keys from Pairings

Chien-Lung Hsu, Yu-Hao Chuang, and Pei-Ling Tsai

#1033: An Efficient Honeypot Based Malware Classification System

Gu-Hsin Lai and Chia-Mei Chen

#1022: WSD-AIS: An Artificial Immune System Approach Against Web Spam

Yan Zhu, Fan Yang, and Shouhong Tang

#1118: On Reversible Data Hiding Schemes for JPEG Images from the Modified Quantization Table

Hsin-Lung Wu, Jen-Chun Chang, and Chen-Hsuan Lee

#1273: A Comparative Survey on RFID Grouping Authentication Protocols

Jian Shen, Haowen Tan, Sai Ji, Yongjun Ren, and Jin Wang