WS2: Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chairs:
Prof. Hsueh-Ting Chu, Asia University, Taiwan
Prof. J. C. Fu, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

#1215: A Multi-Agent Intelligence Hybrid System Technique for Detection and Defense of DDoS Attacks

Hsia-Hsiang Chen and Shih-Kun Huang

#1090: Using a Novel LDA-Ensemble Framework to Classification of Motor Imagery Tasks for Brain-Computer Interface Applications

Yu-Ting Liu, Yang-Yin Lin, Shang-Lin Wu, Chin-Teng Lin, and Tsung-Yu Hsieh

#1152: Circuit-Simulation-Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Multi-Level Clock Driving Technique for A-Si:H TFTs Gate Driver Circuit Design Optimization

Sheng-Chin Hung, Chieh-Yang Chen, Chien-Hsueh Chiang, and Yiming Li

#1187: Using Genetic Model for Asset Allocation in Stock Investment

Shin-Shou Chen, Chien-Feng Huang, Tzung-Pei Hong, and Bao-Rong Chang

#1180: Automatic Adaptive Locomotion on Partially Breakdown Quadrupedal Biomorphic Robot by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Hou-Yu Chen and Shih-Hung Wu

#1024: Analysis of Exercise Ventilation with Autoregressive Model and Hilbert-Huang Transform

Hsueh-Ting Chu and Tieh-Cheng Fu