Poster Session

Date: 0930-1030, 1300-1400 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

#1103: VLSI Implementation of 8051 MCU with In-System Programming

Mao-Hsu Yen, Yeong-Chang Maa, Y-S Lin, George Lai, and Shu-Ping Zheng

#1227: Line Probe Routing Algorithm Implementation for SOC

Yang-Hsin Fan

#1107: An Optimal Color Interference Checking Chip Dicing Plan for Multiple Project Wafer

Chihhsiong Shih

#1170: An Effective Group Communications in Hybrid VANET     

I-Hsien Liu, Tian-Li Wang, and Jung-Shian Li

#1120: A New Cryptosystem Based on Three Knapsacks with Plaintext Encoding

Yao Zhang Huang, Ching-Tsung Hsueh, Yi-Ju Chiang, and Yen-Chieh Ouyang

#1173: Wavelet-Based Reversible and Visible Image Watermarking Scheme

Chien-Chang Chen and Han-Wei Tsai

#1189: Cryptanalysis of Anonymous Authenticated and Key Agreement Scheme Based on Biometric for Multi-Server Environment

Wen Chung Kuo

#1058: Protection of Privacy Data in a Cloud Environment

Jeang Kuo Chen

#1223: Universal Forgery on Shen et al.’s Linkable and Convertible ID-based Ring Signature Scheme

Shin-Jia Hwang

#1246: Design of Hypervisor-based Integrated Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing Environment

Chih-Hung Wang and Xuan-Liang Chen

#1175: A Security Assessment Environment and Process Design for Smart Meter Vendor Production Line

Chien-Ting Kuo, He-Ming Ruan, Shih-Jen Chen, and Chin-Laung Lei

#1113: Anomaly Detection on Hadoop Clusters Using PCA and DBSCAN

Xiao Yang; Yan Liu, Zunhe Liu, and Buyang Cao

#1205: A (n, n)-threshold Secret Sharing Scheme for Barcode Application

Pei-Yu Lin and Yi-Hui Chen

#1250: Automatically Categorizing Blog Articles Using Ontology Tree Built by DBpedia

Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Yi-Hui Chen, and Hsueh-Chun Chien

#1253: Vision-based Detection of Steel Billet Surface Defects via Fusion of Multiple Image Features

Chao-Yung Hsu, Li-Wei Kang, Chih-Yang Lin, Chia-Hung Yeh, and Chia-Tsung Lin

#1176: Quadtree Segmented Wavelet Transform Image Coding

Jia-Chyi Wu

#1122: Spatial-Temporal Fast Corner Detector for Videos

Chia-Chun Lee, Yun-Jung Chang, Yen-Yu Lin, and Chun-Rong Huang

#1140: Efficient Coding Unit and Mode Decision Algorithm for HEVC Intra Prediction

Kuang-Han Tai, Xin Zhi Li, and Mei-Juan Chen

#1125: A Fully Automatic Method to Mammary Gland Segmentation

Chien-Chuan Ko, Jun-Hong Lin, and ChiYang Chen

#1133: Fast CU Partition Algorithm Based on Rate-Distortion Variation in HEVC

Yih-Chuan Lin and Cheng Hsu Chun

#1197: Gantry-Mounted Laser-Stripe Scanning System for Face Shape Recovery

Chia-Yen Chen, Po-Sen Huang, Sheng-Wen Huang, Jia-Hong Zhang, and Bao Rong Chang

#1053: Evaluation of Crack Flaws in Ultrasonic Imaging

Ren-Jean Liou, Kuang-Chian Kao, and Chin-Yung Yeh

#1116: A Survey of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems: History, Applications and Future

Chung-Shuo Fan, Jia-Ming Liang, Yi-Ting Lin, Kun-Ru Wu, Kuan-Yi Li, Ting-Yu Lin, and Yu-Chee Tseng

#1030: Grid-based Hole Recovery Mechanism using Virtual Force in Hybrid WSNs

Kuo-Feng Huang and Po-Ju Chen

#1032: A Handover Prediction Mechanism Based on Mobility in LTE-A

Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang, and Yi-Hsin Lin

#1213: RSSI-based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks with Grid Topologies

Wei-Mei Chen and Chen-Yu Ho

#1018: Using Wi-Fi Direct to Assist Real-Time Traffic Conditions Delivery

Yeong-Chang Maa, Mao-Hsu Yen, Yi-Chin Li, and Ying-Shin Lai

#1082: Integrated Software and Platform Deployment on Cloud Environment

Yue-Shan Chang, Wei-Liang Hsu, and Zheng-Han Tan

#1136: Scientific Evaluation on a Virtual Machine

Chau-Yi Chou and Kuen Tsann Chen

#1048: A Run-time Manager for Multithreading of Multi-core Systems

Cheng Hung Hsieh and Jer Min Jou

#1257: Construction of GPU Virtualization Using PCI Direct Pass-Through for GPU in Cloud

Chao-Tung Yang, Wei-Shen Ou, Yu-Shang Lo, Chao-Wei Huang, and Chih-Hung Chang

#1226: Feature Selection for Multispectral Brain Image Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ja-Chih Fu, Jyh-Wen Chai, Chia-Hao Chen, Hsian-Min Chen, and Clayton Chi-Chang Chen

#1178: Heartbeat Measurement Based on Laser Speckle Fingerprint

Kahlil Muchtar; Chia-Hung Yeh; Cheng Wei Lee; Wen Hung Xu; Po-Yi Sung

#1214: Detection and Classification of MS Lesions in Multispectral MR Images

Hsian-Min Chen, Jyh-Wen Chai, Clayton Chi-Chang, Yen-Chieh Ouyang, Ching-Wen Yang, Sen-Kan Lee, and Chein-I Chang

#1149: A Cloud Based Dynamic Content Delivery Network

Piboonudompornkul Pawat, Chih-Tien Fan, and Zong-You Wu