Best Paper Session 1

Date: 0930-1030 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

#1093: A 2-approximation algorithm for the clustered minimum routing cost tree problem

Chen Wan Lin and Bang Ye Wu

#1239: Good characterizations and linear time recognition for 2-probe block graphs

Sheng-Lung Peng

#1102: Optimization of Downlink Bandwidth Allocation for Energy Efficiency over OFDMA Wireless Networks

ChienYu Wu, Hann-Jang Ho, and Sing-Ling Lee

#1137: Contention Window Size Optimization in Dense but Unsaturated IEEE 802.11ac WLANs

Jen-En Huang, Yi-Ting Chen, and Der-Jiunn Deng


Best Paper Session 2

Date: 0930-1030 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

#1134: A Global Optimized Neuro-Fuzzy System using Artificial Bee Colony Evolutionary Algorithm

Yu-Ting Liu, Lin Yang-Yin, Shang-Lin Wu, and Chin-Teng Lin

#1051: A Transaction-based Design Model and Its MPEG-2 Encoder Design

Chun-Yu Chen and Jou Jer Min

#1061: A Virtual Primary Key for Reversible Watermarking Textual Relational Databases

Chia-Chen Lin, Chin-Chen Chang, and Son Thai Nguyen

#1008: Designing QR Code with Authentication Capabilities

Chu-Hsing Lin, Wen Chen Wu, and Jung-Chun Liu


Best Paper Session 3

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

#1166: Enhanced Local Support Vector Machine with Fast Cross-Validation Capability

Yu-Ann Chen and Pau-Choo Chung

#1020: Massive Parallel Computing of Super-Resolution with Sparse Representation

Hao Rong Ding, Chih-Hung Kuo, Po-Hung Kuo, and Yan-Tse Chuang

#1248: Content-aware Stereoscopic Image Retargeting Using Non-homogeneous Warping

Jin-Jang Leou and Yu-Hao Chang

#1084: Banding Effect Removal for Digital Multitoning

Jing-Ming Guo, Jia-Yu Chang, and Yun-Fu Liu

#1185: An NFC-driven Home Automation Framework: an Integration of WSN, Social Networks and Cloud Computing

Jen-Jee Chen, Zheng-Xun Jiang, Yue-Liang Chen, and Wen-Tai Wu

#1211: Cost Analysis of Deep Packet Inspection in PCC Architecture

ChuanSheng Lin and Sok-Ian Sou

#1049: Landscape Recommendation System Using Public Preference Mining and Social Influence Analysis

Wen-Hao Tsai, Yan-Ting Lin, Kuan-Rung Lee, and Yau-Hwang Kuo


Best Paper Session 4

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

#1029: Implementation of Portal System of Online Tutoring for After School’s Learning

Che-Wun Lin, Yun-Yuag Chiang, and Wei-Ru La

#1012: The Time Machine in NoSQL

Hung-Chang Hsiao

#1108: Predicting Severity of Bug Reports using Implicit Tags

Cheng-Zen Yang, Wei-Chen Kao, Chih-Chuan Yang, and Chao-Yuan Lee

#1153: Establish Controllable Process Performance Model for Software Cost Prediction and Management in Software Development

Shu-Chen Chen, and Chih-Ping Chu

#1182: Weighted Radial Basis Function Kernel-Based Support Vector Machines for Multispectral Magnetic Resonance Brain Image Classification

Shih-Yu Chen,Hsian-Min Chen, Chi-Chang Chen, Bor-Hung Lin, Ching-Wen Yang, Yen-Chieh Ouyang, San-Kan Lee, Jyh-Wen Chai, and Chein-I Chang

#1275: An Enhanced ID-Updating Hash-Based RFID Authentication Protocol with Strong Privacy Protection

Jian Shen, Haowen Tan, Yuhui Zheng, Sai Ji, and Jin Wang


WS1-1: Algorithms and Computation Theory

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chair: Prof. Sheng-De Wang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

#1154: An Efficient Exact Algorithm For P2-packing In Cubic Graphs

Maw-Shang Chang, Li-Hsuan Chen, and Ling-Ju Hung

#1021: PFBF: Pre-Filtered Bloom Filter

Ssu-Ting Liu and Sheng-De Wang

#1041: Approximate String Matching Problem under Non-Overlapping Inversion Distance

Shih-Yuan Huang, Chung-Han Yang, Toan-Thang Ta, and Chin-Lung Lu

#1080: IDP: An Innovative Data Placement Algorithm for Hadoop Systems

Chia-Wei Lee, Horng-Chyau Huang, and Sun-Yuan Hsieh

#1238: The End-to-end Longest Path Problem on a Mesh with a Missing Vertex

Ting-Wei Chang, Ondřej Navrátil, and Sheng-Lung Peng


WS1-2: Algorithms and Computation Theory

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

Session Chair: Tse-Chuan Hsu, Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan

#1039: Toward The One-to-Two Balanced Disjoint-Path Cover Of Matching Composition Networks

Tzu-Liang Kung, Hon-Chan Chen, Lih-Hsing Hsu, and Chi-Lun Wang

#1067: The Weighted Independent Domination Problem in Series-Parallel Graphs

Shun-Chieh Chang, Jia-Jie Liu, and Yue-Li Wang

#1086: Some Results of Incidence Coloring On Generalized Petersen Graphs

Kun-Fu Ding, Kung-Jui Pai, Jou-Ming Chang, and Rueiher Tsaur

#1092: On the Existence of All Shortest Vertex-Disjoint Paths in Cayley Graphs of Abelian Group

Cheng-Nan Lai

#1064: Extended Cycles Embedding On Folded Hypercubes with Vertex-Fault-Tolerant

Che-Nan Kuo


WS1-3: Algorithms and Computation Theory & WS7-2 Digital Content, Digital Life, and Human Computer Interaction

Date: 1410-1530 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H104

Session Chairs: Prof. Mong-Fong Horng, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan

#1235: An Efficient Algorithm to Solve the Nearest Neighbor Searching Problem

Yi Kung Shieh and R. C. T. Lee

#1249: A New Human-Machine Interaction of Smart Plant

Wen-Bin Huang, Shuo-Wen Chang, Mei-Yun Xie, Chu-Rong Yen,  and Mong-Fong Horng

#1232: A Vision-based Keyboard Design

Shiuh-Ku Weng, Chaur-Heh Hsieh, and You-Zen Chu


WS2: Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chairs:
Prof. Hsueh-Ting Chu, Asia University, Taiwan
Prof. J. C. Fu, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

#1215: A Multi-Agent Intelligence Hybrid System Technique for Detection and Defense of DDoS Attacks

Hsia-Hsiang Chen and Shih-Kun Huang

#1090: Using a Novel LDA-Ensemble Framework to Classification of Motor Imagery Tasks for Brain-Computer Interface Applications

Yu-Ting Liu, Yang-Yin Lin, Shang-Lin Wu, Chin-Teng Lin, and Tsung-Yu Hsieh

#1152: Circuit-Simulation-Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Multi-Level Clock Driving Technique for A-Si:H TFTs Gate Driver Circuit Design Optimization

Sheng-Chin Hung, Chieh-Yang Chen, Chien-Hsueh Chiang, and Yiming Li

#1187: Using Genetic Model for Asset Allocation in Stock Investment

Shin-Shou Chen, Chien-Feng Huang, Tzung-Pei Hong, and Bao-Rong Chang

#1180: Automatic Adaptive Locomotion on Partially Breakdown Quadrupedal Biomorphic Robot by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Hou-Yu Chen and Shih-Hung Wu

#1024: Analysis of Exercise Ventilation with Autoregressive Model and Hilbert-Huang Transform

Hsueh-Ting Chu and Tieh-Cheng Fu


WS3-1: Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, SoC, and VLSI/EDA

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H104

Session Chair: Prof. Pao-Ann Hsiung, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

#1069: Auto-Tuning For GPGPU Applications Using Performance and Energy Model

Chih-Sheng Lin, Shih-Meng Teng, and Pao-Ann Hsiung

#1144: Power Management Strategy for Non-DVS Multiprocessor System

Chin-Fu Kuo and Yung-Feng Lu

#1260: Micro-grid Design Modeling and Prototyping

Hung-Lin Chao and Pao-Ann Hsiung

#1146: An Optimal Budget Assignment of Real-Time Query Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks in Context of the Internet of Things

Yung-Feng Lu, Chin-Fu Kuo, Pei-Lun Suei, and Wei-Chen Pao

#1010: A Data Migration Approach for L1 Cache Design with SRAM and Volatile STT-RAM

Wei-Kai Cheng and Yen-Heng Ciou


WS3-2: Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, SoC, and VLSI/EDA

Date: 1410-1530 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chair: Prof. Kuan-Hung Chen, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

#1042: Design of Low-Complexity 4-Path Dynamic Reconfigurable MDC FFT Processor

Trong-Yen Lee, Wei-Cheng Chen, and Chi-Han Huang

#1124: Analyzing the BTI Effect on Multi-bit Retention Registers

Ing-Chao Lin, Yao-Te Wang, Shuen-Shiang Yang, and Yi-Luen Wu

#1177: FPGA Implementation for Path and Wall Following Wheeled Robots

Shiow-Jyu Lin, Ju-Xun He, Guan-Wei Chen, and Wang-Wei Chen

#1062: A Low-Memory-Access Flexible Architecture for FFT

Kaun-Hung Chen

#1104: Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling Optimization for Multicore Architectures

Ting-Hsuan Chien and Rong-Guey Chang


WS4-1: Computer Networks and Web Service/Technologies

Date: 1440-1600 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chairs:
Prof. Der-Jiunn Deng, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
Prof. Ting-Yun Chi, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

#1055: On Dynamic Router Node Placement with Social Awareness in WMNs

Chun-Cheng Lin, Der-Jiunn Deng, and Ting-Yu Wu

#1046: Forecasting the Impacts Of Articles and Authors on The Social Forum During Emergencies

Ming-Hung Wang and Chin-Laung Lei

#1060: Study of Radio Resource Reallocation for Hotspots in LTE Network

Kang-Hao Lo, Fu-Yuan Chua, and Yen-Wen Chen

#1072: A DHT-based Resource Provision Enquiry for Cloud Computing Interoperability

Li-Der Chou, Chi-An Jen, David-Chunhu Li, and Chun-Tse Lin

#1280: A Novel Approach for Ontology Maintenance Based on Web Data

Xiangyu Ren, Jin Liu, Qiuxia Song, Junjie Song, and Bei Zhong

#1142: A FEC Allocation Method for Unequal Loss Protection of H.264/AVC Videos Based on Macroblock Index

Jung-Hung Wang, Jian-Min Wu, and Chow-Sing Lin


WS4-2: Computer Networks and Web Service/Technologies

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Chih-Hsiong Shih, Tunghai University, Taiwan

#1186: NFC Facility Inventory Control and Checking System

Rung-Shiang Cheng and Chia-Peng Lin

#1119: Extending Lifespan of a Sensor Network by Partial Coverage Strategy

Peng-Hsiang Kao, Yu-Yun Lin, Xuan-Bo Wang, and Lei Wang

#1054: Maximum-Lifetime Least-Cost Multicasting In MANETs based on Heuristic Genetic Algorithm

Ting Lu, Guohua Liu, Shan Chang, Wenjing Guo, and Qiubo Huang

#1245: A Task Scheduling Policy for Heterogeneous MapReduce Cluster

Chui-Ming Chiu, Sheng-Wei Huang, Tzu-Chi Huang, Ce-Kuen Shieh, Ming-Fong Tsai, and Lien-Wu Chen

#1282: A Novel SVM Based Multi-Facet Ranking Method for Topic Specific Web Pages

Yanjun Cao, Jin Liu, Jingtai Zhang, Fei Li, and Bei Zhong


WS4-3: Computer Networks and Web Service/Technologies

Date: 1410-1530 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Yao-Chung Chang, National Taitung University, Taiwan

#1096: WiFi-based Floor Estimation for Multi-Storey Building: A Case Study for A Crowded AP Environment

Hung-Huan Liu, Chung-Wei Liao, and Wei-Hsiang Lo

#1068: Machine to Machine Service Capability Architecture for LTE Communication System

Yao-Chung Chang

#1164: A Hierarchical M-hops Idle Bandwidth Sharing Approach in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

Jin-Lih Shieh, Yau-Hwang Kuo, and Wei-Hsun Lee

#1276: Performance Comparison of Typical Routing Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks

Jian Shen, Chen Wang, Anxi Wang, Lei Li, Yu Yang, and Jin Wang

#1283: A Rule Based DFA Driven Information Extractor for Content Extracting from Web Pages

Jin Liu, Danliang Chu, Junjie Song, Bei Zhong, and Biqi Cai


WS5-1: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 0930-1030 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Rung-Ching Chen, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

#1117: An Efficient Authentication and Service Key Agreement Scheme in IOT Environments

Jheng-Jia Huang, Wen-Shenq Juang, and Chun-I Fan

#1013: Efficient Public Key Encryption with User-friendly Keywords Search for Searchable Cloud Storage

Kuo-Chang Chen, Yu-Chi Chen, Gwoboa Horng, and Raylin Tso

#1023: Reversible Data Hiding Method Based On CSD Data Representation

Shuenn-Shyang Wang, Kuo-Hui Li, Chien-Sung Li, and Yi Pin Liao

#1242: Classification of Generalized Graph-type (2,n)-Visual Secret Sharing Schemes and Optimal Construction For Multiple Secrets

Yuji Suga


WS5-2: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Chia-Chen Lin, Providence University, Taiwan

#1217: A Privacy-Preserving Encoding For E Cient Comparison Queries and Access Control from Predicate Encryption

Shao-Heng Chen, Fu-Kuo Tseng, and Rong-Jaye Chen

#1074: Heap Spraying Revelation: Heap-spraying Detection Based on Minimal Length Sequence Finding and Argument Analysis

Pei-Chen Yeh, Hahn-Ming Lee, Hsiao-Rong Tyan, Kuo-Ping Wu, and Jiunn-Chin Wang

#1128: Detecting Malware in Malicious Virtual Machines using Tensor Analysis Techniques

Tien-Ruey Hsiang, Ting-Yao Chang, Wei-Yu Lai, and Ching-Hao Mao

#1230: A Trustworthy Assurance-as-a-Service Architecture

Mahalingam Ramkumar and Somya Mohanty

#1233: On the Effectiveness of Scheduling Fuzz Testing

Wei-Jun Chen, Hsiao-Rong Tyan, and Shih-Kun Huang

#1028: A New Investigation Approach for Tracing Source IP in DDoS Attack from Proxy Server

Jai-Rong Sun and Min-Shiang Hwang


WS5-3: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1440-1600 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Jung-Chun Liu, Tunghai University, Taiwan

#1188: Regulatory Framework for Information Security in Taiwan's New Personal Information Protection Act of 2012

Wei-Min Liao

#1115: Efficiently Tracking TANET Suspicious Packets and Identifying the Devices using Splunk

Hung-Yu Chien, Meng-Yuan Chiang, Yi-Ting Hsin, and Chun-Pei Hung

#1202: A High Capacity Reversible Multiple-Image Hiding Scheme

Chin-Feng Lee, Jui-Yu Chen, and Si-Ting Chen

#1007: Information Hiding Scheme Based On Replace Function and Wavelet Transform

Tzu-Chuen Lu, Sue-Chen Hsueh, Chun-Ya Tseng, and Pei-Lun Chen

#1070: Hybrid Intrusion Detection Framework for Advanced Metering Infrastructure

He-Ming Ruan, Gan-Wei Yeap, and Chin-Laung Lei


WS5-4: Cryptography and Information Security

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H103

Session Chair: Prof. Chu-Hsing Lin, Tunghai University, Taiwan

#1121: Frameworks in Evidence Collection in Forensics by Analyzing Temporal Cloud Storage Forensics

Da-Yu Kao, Min-Jung Chung, and Shiuh-Jeng Wang

#1127: Design of Proxy Signature Schemes using Self-Certified Public Keys from Pairings

Chien-Lung Hsu, Yu-Hao Chuang, and Pei-Ling Tsai

#1033: An Efficient Honeypot Based Malware Classification System

Gu-Hsin Lai and Chia-Mei Chen

#1022: WSD-AIS: An Artificial Immune System Approach Against Web Spam

Yan Zhu, Fan Yang, and Shouhong Tang

#1118: On Reversible Data Hiding Schemes for JPEG Images from the Modified Quantization Table

Hsin-Lung Wu, Jen-Chun Chang, and Chen-Hsuan Lee

#1273: A Comparative Survey on RFID Grouping Authentication Protocols

Jian Shen, Haowen Tan, Sai Ji, Yongjun Ren, and Jin Wang


WS6: Database, Data Mining, Big Data, and Information Retrieval

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chair: Prof. Jia-Ling Koh, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

#1240: Efficient Mining of Frequent Target Episodes from Complex Event Sequences

Yu-Feng Lin, Pei-Wen Jiang, and Vincent S. Tseng

#1110: A Graph Structure-based Asset Retrieval System

Jia-Ling Koh, Chia-Jung Chiang, Seng-Chih Chu, Yi-Chi Huang, Shao-Chun Peng, Sz-Han Wang, Te-Yu Liu, Hui-I Hsiao, Chien Lin, and Arbee L.P. Chen

#1019: An Obstruction-Check Approach to Mining Closed Sequential Patterns in Data Streams

Chia-En Li, Ye-In Chang, and Tsu-Lin Chin

#1045: Forecasting Price Volatility Range of Crude Palm Oil by Mining the Historical Data using Hybrid Range Model

Kwan Hua Sim, Isaac GOH Yung Shen, Kwan Yong Sim, and Yiing Chee Tan

#1043: Analysis of Big Data Sized NoSQL Database with Secondary Index

Bao-Rong Chang, Hsiu-Fen Tsai, Chia-Yen Chen, and Hung-Ta Hsu


WS7-1: Digital Content, Digital Life, and Human Computer Interaction

Date: 0900-1040 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chair: Prof. Cheng-Min Lin, Nan Kai University of Technology, Taiwan

#1091: Development of Graphical Editor for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System in Agriculture Greenhouse

Wen-Hao Tsai, W. C. Liu, K. R. Lee, W. T. Su, P. Y. Chen, and Y.H. Kuo

#1181: An Automated Wrapper Generator for Semi-Structured Web Contents

Lung-Pin Chen and Wen-Nan Hsu

#1052: QoN-oriented Resilient Bandwidth Allocation for Medical Content Services in Software-Defined Hospital Networks

Hsuan-Hsuan Chin, Chun-Chih Lo, Pei-Yu Wu, Mong-Fong Horng, and Yau-Hwang Kuo

#1059: The Design and Implementation of the Intelligent Crafts for Digital Arts

Cheng-Min Lin, Tzu-Chi Lin, and Chong-Wey Lin

#1261: News Event Detection using Random Walk with Restart

Lun-Chi Chen, I-En Liao, and Chi-Hao Chen

#1158: A User Interactive Experience for One-handed Operation of Hand-held Devices

Tseng-Yi Chen, Heng-Yin Chen, Nai-Yuan Jhang, and Wei-Kuan Shih



WS8-1: Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies

Date: 0930-1030 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chair: Prof. Don-Lin Yang, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

#1071: A New Single Image Deblurring Algorithm Using Hyper Laplacian Priors

Jiunn-Lin Wu and Chia-Feng Chang

#1225: A Dual-Camera Tracking Scheme with Object Information Hiding

Sheng-Hao Chang, Po-Chyi Su, and Yung-Chieh Joseph Chou

#1251: A Robust Vision-based Heart Rate Evaluation

Kuan-Yi Lin, Duan-Yu Chen, and Suh-Yin Lee

#1171: Classify Blog Articles Using Queried Keywords

Yi-Hui Chen, Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Tsai-Ying Wu, and Tsung-Hau Lin


WS8-2: Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H106

Session Chair: Dr. Yi-Chong Zeng, III, Taiwan

#1135: Brain Stroke Evaluation from Multi-image Modalities Using Image Registration and Segmentation Techniques

Ching-Fen Jiang and Wan-Chi Huang

#1183: A Real-Time Contrast Enhancement Technique for Medical Image

Meng-Ting Wu, Su Yeah, and Lei Wang

#1132: An Improved Method for Circle Detection

Wen-Yen Wu

#1087: Integer-based Quality Assessment Measure using Fixed-point Arithmetic Operations

Yi-Chong Zeng, Shih-Jui Yang, and Wen-Tsung Chang

#1184: Rain Removal using Single Image Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization

Chih-Yang Lin, Pin-Hsien Liu, Chia-Hung Yeh, Kyle Shih-Huang Lo, Li-Wei Kang, and Tai-Hwei Hwang

#1143: An Efficient ZZW Construction using Low-density Generator-matrix Embedding Techniques

Chi-Yuan Lin, Jyun-Jie Wang, and Meng-Hui Chu


WS8-3: Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies

Date: 1410-1530 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

Session Chair: Ren-Jean Liou, National Pingtung University, Taiwan

#1088: Fast Seriation of Multiple Homogeneous-content Videos using Audio-visual Features

Yi-Chong Zeng and Wen-Tsung Chang

#1095: Combining Center-Symmetric Local Ternary Pattern and Local Sign Directional Pattern for Gender Classification

Chih-Chin Lai and Yen-Chun Huang

#1109: 2D To 3D Video Conversion via Depth Inference

Tien-Ying Kuo, Cheng-Hong Hsieh, Kuan-Hung Wan, and Yan-Jhu Chen

#1129: Finding Acceptable Trade-off between Rate and Distortion in Multiple Description Coding Based on Zero Padding

Rong-Hua Chang, Chieh-Wei Su, and Chow-Sing Lin

#1131: A Near-Duplicate Video Detection Method Based on Invariant Moments and Feature Point Matching

Tang-You Chang, Min-Yuan Guo, Shen-Chuan Tai, and Guo-Shiang Lin

#1222: Combining SURF Features with GMM Classifier in Multi-Pose Face Recognition

Shinfeng D. Lin, Ding-En Wang, and Chih-Yao Chuang


WS8-4: Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

Session Chair: Prof. Chia-Hsien Wen, Providence University, Taiwan

#1224: Estimation and Evaluation of Body Language in a Presentation Scenario using RGBD Data

Yi-Chieh Wu and Wen-Hung Liao

#1247: Model-based Tooth Segmentation from Dental Panoramic Radiographs

Chia-Hsiang Wu, Jia-Kuang Liu, Wan-Hua Tsai, Ying-Hui Chen, and Yung-Nien Sun

#1130: Content-Based Video Retrieval with Multi-Features

Jhih-Long Lin, Ou-Yang Chien, Han-Yen Yu, and Jiann-Jone Chen

#1155: Fast Coding Unit Depth Decision Method for HEVC Encoders

Chou-Chen Wang, Ming-Shum Jhou, and Hsiang-Chun Wang

#1034: Locating Wavelet Extrema for Henry-Based Fingerprint Core Point Detection

Jing-Wein Wang and Tuyen Ngoc Le


WS9: Information Literacy, e-Learning, and Social Media

Date: 1040-1200 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H103

Session Chair: Prof. Yuan-Hsun Liao, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

#1255: Originality Assurance in Academic Publication

Kun-Huang Huarng

#1244: The Research of Experimental State Feedback Mechanism Based on Windows API Take Cloud Security Experimental Platform for Instance

Yun-Ting Ching and Yi-Ming Chen

#1210: Effectiveness of Constructing Information Literacy via Credited Information Literacy Program

Szu-Chia S. Lo

#1208: Interactive Augmented Reality System for Supporting Museum Guided Instruction

Ko-Fong Lee, Kai-Yi Chin, and Jim-Min Lin

#1259: Design of Chinese Language Learning APP in the Context-Aware Learning Environment

Hong-Ren Chen and Hsiao-Han Chiu


WS10-1: Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Vehicular Technologies

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Chien-Chang Hsu, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

#1011: A Handoff Probability Prediction based Resource Management Scheme for LTE Femtocells

Chenn-Jung Huang, Chih-Tai Guan, Heng-Ming Chen, Kai-Wen Hu, and Sheng-Yuan Chien

#1014: A New Multipath AODV Routing Protocol for VANET Based on Expected Link Lifetime

TianLi Hu, MingHui LiWang, LianFen Huang, and YuLiang Tang

#1027: The Rate of Merging Collision in TDMA-based VANETs

Jeng-Ji Huang and Min-Hui Ho

#1050: A Fast Handover Control Scheme using the Optimistic Ready-Tunneling (ORT) Approach

Chung-Ming Huang and Meng-Shu Chiang

#1228: A New Energy-efficient Time Synchronization Algorithm

Weidong Guo, Tie Qiu, Lei Wang, Jie Liu, and ChengDang Song

#1150: Dynamic Time Periods Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System based on Contextual Information and Social Network

Jian-Zhong Wu, Chi-Fu Hung, and Chiu-Ching Tuan

#1254: An Enhanced Fuzzy Model for Cluster Head Election in Wireless Sensor Networks

Walaa A.Afifi and Hesham A.Hefny



WS10-2: Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Vehicular Technologies

Date: 0900-1020 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chairs:
Prof. Hua-Tsung Chen, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
Prof. Jinn-Yi Yeh, National Chiayi University, Taiwan

#1066: A System for Front Vehicle Detection and Fast Indexing using a Single Car-Mounted Camera

Chun-Chieh Hsu, Yi-Chien Wu, Hua-Tsung Chen, and Suh-Yin Lee

#1168: A Low-Cost Localization Algorithm for Mobile Sensor Networks

Dar-Wei Chiou, Guey-Yun Chang, and Jen-Feng Huang

#1040: A Visual-based Positioning System

Cheng-Sheng Chien, Min-Te Sun, Yi-Chang Wang, and Jen You Kuo

#1271: Study on Time Synchronization Algorithm for Structural Health Monitoring based on Wireless Sensor Networks

QingJian Liang, Sai Ji, Ping Guo, Xin Xu, and Jin Wang

#1015: Joint Adaptation of IEEE 802.11 Link Rate and Backoff Parameters: Prototyping Validation

Kun-Ru Wu and Ting-Yu Lin

#1011: A Handoff Probability Prediction based Resource Management Scheme for LTE Femtocells

Chenn-Jung Huang, Chih-Tai Guan, Heng-Ming Chen, Kai-Wen Hu, and Sheng-Yuan Chien



WS10-3: Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Vehicular Technologies

Date: 1040-1200 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H105

Session Chair: Prof. Shih-Lin Wu, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

#1085: Scalable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Gosper Islands

Chi-Chang Chen, Yukon Chang, Jui-Ying Hung, and Jin-Hung Liang

#1221: Switched Capacitor Low-Pass Filter Chip Design for LTE Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing Application

Wen-Cheng Lai, Jhin-Fang Huang, Wei-Chih Chen, and Ta-Chen Chiu

#1100: A Fast Window-based Scalar Multiplication Algorithm for Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks

Hung-Nan Ye, Kuo-Chen Wang, Rong-Hong Jan, Yuh-Jyh Hu, Yu-Chee Tseng, and Yi-Huai Hsu

#1073: Energy-Efficient Multimedia Multicast Transmission Scheduling using Scalable Video Coding in LTE-Advanced Wireless Networks

Wei-Wen Wang and Shih-Lin Wu

#1036: Linked List Routing Algorithm with Wormhole Mechanism for Data Collecting Wireless Network

Jih-Ching Chiu, Wen-Shin Wang, and Chien-Lung Chen

#1272: Research of Clustering Routing Algorithm for Structural Health Monitoring based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Sai Ji, Ping Yang, Ping Guo, Xin Xu, and Jin Wang


WS11-1: Parallel, Peer-to-peer, Distributed, and Cloud Computing

Date: 1300-1430 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H309

Session Chairs:
Prof. Sheng-Lung Peng, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
Prof. Jia-Chyi Wu National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan

#1241: Cloud Computing For Intelligent Information System: Large Scale Video Analysis for Long-Term Monitoring of Coral Fishes

Hsiu-Mei Chou, Jih-Sheng Chang, Sun-I Lin, and Fang-Pang Lin

#1219: Adaptive OpenCL Computation Offloading Framework on Mobile Device

Olivier Valery, Wei-Shu Hung, Ju-Cheng Chou, Pangfeng Liu, and Jan-Jan Wu

#1026: Green Computing: An SLA-based Energy-aware Methodology for Data Centers

Yao-Chung Chang, Sheng-Lung Peng, Yi-Hsuan Liao, and Ruay-Shiung Chang

#1037: A Distributed PTX Compilation and Execution System on Hybrid CPU/GPU Clusters

Tyng-Yeu Liang, Hung-Fu Li, and Bi-Shing Chen

#1057: The Load-Balanced Routing In Industrial Wireless Sensor Network

Ching-Lung Chang, Hao-Ting Lee, and Chien-Chung Chen


WS11-2: Parallel, Peer-to-peer, Distributed, and Cloud Computing

Date: 1440-1600 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: H309

Session Chair: Prof. Yue-Shan Chang, National Taipei University, Taiwan

#1077: Design and Implementation of a RESTful Notification Service

Yao-Wen Chang, Ruey-Kai Sheu, Syuan-Ru Jhu, and Yue-Shan Chang

#1111: An Environmental Monitoring System for Air Quality Control

Chao-Tung Yang, Jung-Chun Liu, Yun-Ting Wang, Chia-Cheng Wu, and Fang-Yie Leu

#1216: Supporting Load-Balanced Virtual Machine Placement for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Wei-Jen Wang, Shao-Jui Chen, Jui-Hao Yang, and Tzu-Ming Chan

#1256: A Big Data Processing Platform for Medical Records in Cloud

Chao-Tung Yang, Jung-Chun Liu, Hsin-Wen Lu, Yin-Zhen Yen, and Cheng-Chung Chu

#1078: Adaptive Block Partition of Geographic Map Based on Road Coverage in Urban Environment

Ruey-Kai Sheu, Guang-Ting Wu, Chih-Tien Fan, Yue-Shan Chang, and Chi-Hua Tai

#1199: The Rule Search Method for Association Signatures on NetDPI

Ming-Yi Liao, Tsung-Sheng Cheng, and Chu-Sing Yang


WS12-1: Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Date: 1410-1530 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chair: Prof. Dowming Yeh, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

#1147: A Design for Multi-Pricing High-Performance Computing System

Lung Pin Chen, Mike Kao, I-Chen Wu, and Ting-Han Wei

#1081: An Extended SOA for Distributing Workload to Service Providers using XMPP

Cheng-Zhe Li, Min-Yu Sie, and Kuo-Hsun Hsu

#1101: Applying Reverse Engineering and Complexity Analysis to Refine and Cost Estimation Model based on Function Point

Dowming Yeh, Yi-Hong Chen, Chih-Ying Yang, Li-Wei Chen, Ying-Hsiu Wang, and Kai-Wei Chen

#1138: Code Smells Detection and Visualization Oof Software Systems

Shin-Jie Lee, Xavier Lin, Li Hsiang Lo, Yu-Cheng Chen, and Jonathan Lee

#1160: Scheduling Moldable Jobs with Deadline in HPC-as-a-Service Software System

Kuo-Chan Huang, Chun-Hao Hung, and Wei Hsieh


WS12-2: Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Date: 1540-1700 Saturday 13 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chair: Prof. Wen-Tin Lee, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan

#1169: Analyzing Abstract Factory and Strategy Design Patterns using Design Structure Matrix: A Role-Playing Game Case

Wen-Tin Lee, Ting-Shao Chang, Chieh-Ting Tsai, and William Chen

#1206: Measuring Strength of Coupling between Java Classes

Jonathan Lee, Shin-Jie Lee, Dong-Sheng Hung, Pei-Yuan Hung, Ray Chin, and Chia-Chih Wu

#1083: Prototype Development Approach based on Application of Program Design in Cloud Platform

Dong-Meau Chang, Tse-Chuan Hsu, and Hsin-Jan Lee

#1277: Vulnerabilities and Threats in Cloud Software Engineering Security

Weider D. Yu, Maryam Runiassy, and Yijun Yin

#1279: Reducing Anomaly Detection in a TS Workflow

Feng-Jian Wang, Thanh-Thuy Thi Nguyen, and Parameswaramma Mandalapu


WS12-3: Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Date: 0900-1020 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H104

Session Chair: Prof. Chien-Hung Liu, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

#1025: System Migration for a Weapon Maintenance Data Collection and Analysis System: An Experience Report

Der-Hong Ting and Nien-Lin Hsueh

#1151: RobotDroid - A Keyword-Driven Testing Tool for Android Applications

Chien-Hung Liu, Shu-Ling Chen, and Huang-Ke Chen

#1268: A Leading Indicator of Post-Release Defect Density in Refactoring-based Software Maintenance – A Case Study

Yu Chin Cheng, Jung-Sing Jwo, and Ching-Tsorng Tsai

#1156: Context-Aware RESTful Service Delivery Mechanism for Smartphones

Shang-Pin Ma, Ping-Chang Chen, Chi-Chia Li, and Wen-Tin Lee

#1139: System Analysis and Design of an Online Group-Buying System with Android

Yan-Fu Lin, Yan-Lin Li, and Che-Chern Lin


WS12-4: Software Engineering and Programming Languages (Industry paper)

Date: 1040-1200 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H104

Session Chair: Prof. Chung-Hsin Jwo, Tunghai University, Taiwan

#1263: A Solution to Improve Web Application Performance

Yi-Ming Huang, Ching-Wen Kuo, and Ching-Tsorng Tsai

#1264: An Architecture for Mobile App and Cloud Service Integration

Kevin Hu and Cheng-Chieh Huang

#1265: A Multi-lingual Management Process for Software Interface Consistency

Hsin-Chen Chiang and Kevin Hu

#1266: Private Cloud for Software Firms - A Case Study

Yao-Chieh Yang and Jung-Sing Jwo

#1267: A Study of User Experience for Enterprise Applications

Jamie Lee and Jung-Sing Jwo


WS13-1: Healthcare and Bioinformatics

Date: 0900-1020 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chair: Prof. Yaw-Ling Lin, Providence University, Taiwan

#1076: Prostate Segmentation and Volume Estimation in MR

Chuan-Yu Chang, Chuan-Huan Chiu, and Yuh-Shyan Tsai

#1097: Biomolecular Docking Sites Selection by Surface Filtration and Refinement

Chen-En Hsieh, Grace Shiahuy Chen, Chun-Jung Chen, and Yaw-Ling Lin

#1105: Missing Value Imputation on Multiple Measurements for Prediction of Liver Cancer Recurrence: A Comparative Study

Xiao-Ou Ping, Yi-Ju Tseng, Ja-Der Liang, Guan-Tarn Huang, Pei-Ming Yang, and Fei-Pei Lai

#1145: Non-invasive Detection of Sound Signals for Diagnosis of Ligament Injuries around Knee based on Mel-frequency Cepstrum

Ya-Tien Chiang, Chi-Heng Lu, Chiu-Cjing Tuan, Tsair-Fwu Lee, Yu-Chin Huang, and Mei-Chuan Chen

#1157: Transcriptome Analysis of Orange-Spotted Grouper between Ranavirus and Megalocytivirus Infections

Cing-Han Yang, Yu-Cheng Hsiao, Chien-Ming Chen, Tun-Wen Pai, Ming-HungWu, and Hsin-Yin Chou


WS13-2: Healthcare and Bioinformatics

Date: 1040-1200 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H122

Session Chair: Prof. S. Y. Chen, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

#1172: Prefix Block-Interchanges on Binary Strings

Shih-Wen Chou, Chung-Han Yang, Kun-Tze Chen, and Chin-Lung Lu

#1262: A Novel Light Weight Balance Monitoring Tool for Elderly Care

Ferdaus A. Kawsar, Nadiyah Johnson, Piyush Saxena, Drew Williams, Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, William Cheng-Chung Chu Chih-Hung Chang, and Tse-Chuan Hsu

#1269: Phased Array and Image Enhancement Method Based Structural Health Monitoring

Sai Ji, Lu Li, Ping Guo, Jian Shen, Jin Wang, and Yajie Sun

#1278: A Cloud-based Mobile Healthcare System

Chin-Fu Lin, Shih-Hsuan Lin, Sheng-Lung Peng, and Ruay-Shiung Chang

#1270: A Method of Signal Sparse in Wireless Structural Health Monitoring based on Compressive Sensing

Sai Ji, Ping Yang, Ping Guo, Xin Xu, Jin Wang, and Yajie Sun

#1114: Metagenomic Analysis of Human Oral Microbiome Composition on the Cloud Platform

Wen-Pei Chen, Suh-Jen Jane Tsai, Chun-Jung Chen, Yaw-Ling Lin, Ming-Li Liou, Chi-Ying Tsai, and Ki-Hok Liao


WS14-1: Information Technology Innovation, Industrial Application and Internet of Things

Date: 0900-1020 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

Session Chair: Prof. Jehn-Ruey Jiang, National Central University, Taiwan

#1099: Dynamic Resource Provisioning with Hotspot Anticipation for MMOG Clouds

Yi-Huai Hsu, Yen-Chih Chang, and Kuo-Chen Wang

#1281: A Novel Parallel Deduplication and Noise Reduction Method for Vertical Search Engine

Junjie Song, Jin Liu, Ming Ni, Fei Li, and Jian Wang

#1123: An Adaptive Algorithm for Charger Deployment Optimization in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks

Ji-Hau Liao, Chi-Ming Hong, and Jehn-Ruey Jiang

#1148: A Cross Language Plagiarism Detection based on Cloud Computing

Nguyen-Dang Minh, Chih-Tien Fan, and Husaini

#1229: Design and Evaluation of Hybrid Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks with Cloud Services for Monitoring of Early-Stage Environmental Corrosion

Paul I-Hai Lin, Max Yen, Dong Chen, Meng-Wei Li, Richard Lampo, Michael McInerney, and Jerey Ryan

#1079: Cloud Storage Aggregator

Mahamady YemraoChgo, Che-Pin Chang, Hsiang Chao, and An-Ni Ren


WS14-2: Information Technology Innovation, Industrial Application and Internet of Things

Date: 1040-1200 Sunday 14 Dec. 2014

Location: H123

Session Chair: Prof. Chun-Jung Lin, HungKuang University, Taiwan

#1200: Load Balancing and Multicasting using The Extended Dijkstras Algorithm in Software Defined Networking

Jehn-Ruey Jiang, Widhi Yahya, and Mahardeka Tri Ananta

#1167: File Transfer and Synchronization over Multiple Clients/Server Environment

Volodymyr Andriychenko, Chih-Tien Fan, and Yi-Hung Li

#1161: The Payo Pattern of Nash Equilbiria by a Change of Risk in 2×2 Simulation-Based Game

Yao-Hsien Lee and Mei-Yu Lee

#1274: A Novel Hash-based RFID Grouping Authentication Protocol on Tag Groups and Multiple Readers

Jian Shen, Haowen Tan, Yongjun Ren, Yuhui Zheng, and Jin Wang


Poster Session

Date: 0930-1030, 1300-1400 Friday 12 Dec. 2014

Location: 1st Floor Lobby

#1103: VLSI Implementation of 8051 MCU with In-System Programming

Mao-Hsu Yen, Yeong-Chang Maa, Y-S Lin, George Lai, and Shu-Ping Zheng

#1227: Line Probe Routing Algorithm Implementation for SOC

Yang-Hsin Fan

#1107: An Optimal Color Interference Checking Chip Dicing Plan for Multiple Project Wafer

Chihhsiong Shih

#1170: An Effective Group Communications in Hybrid VANET       

I-Hsien Liu, Tian-Li Wang, and Jung-Shian Li

#1120: A New Cryptosystem Based on Three Knapsacks with Plaintext Encoding

Yao Zhang Huang, Ching-Tsung Hsueh, Yi-Ju Chiang, and Yen-Chieh Ouyang

#1173: Wavelet-Based Reversible and Visible Image Watermarking Scheme

Chien-Chang Chen and Han-Wei Tsai

#1189: Cryptanalysis of Anonymous Authenticated and Key Agreement Scheme Based on Biometric for Multi-Server Environment

Wen Chung Kuo

#1058: Protection of Privacy Data in a Cloud Environment

Jeang Kuo Chen

#1223: Universal Forgery on Shen et al.’s Linkable and Convertible ID-based Ring Signature Scheme

Shin-Jia Hwang

#1246: Design of Hypervisor-based Integrated Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing Environment

Chih-Hung Wang and Xuan-Liang Chen

#1175: A Security Assessment Environment and Process Design for Smart Meter Vendor Production Line

Chien-Ting Kuo, He-Ming Ruan, Shih-Jen Chen, and Chin-Laung Lei

#1113: Anomaly Detection on Hadoop Clusters Using PCA and DBSCAN

Xiao Yang; Yan Liu, Zunhe Liu, and Buyang Cao

#1205: A (n, n)-threshold Secret Sharing Scheme for Barcode Application

Pei-Yu Lin and Yi-Hui Chen

#1250: Automatically Categorizing Blog Articles Using Ontology Tree Built by DBpedia

Eric Jui-Lin Lu, Yi-Hui Chen, and Hsueh-Chun Chien

#1253: Vision-based Detection of Steel Billet Surface Defects via Fusion of Multiple Image Features

Chao-Yung Hsu, Li-Wei Kang, Chih-Yang Lin, Chia-Hung Yeh, and Chia-Tsung Lin

#1176: Quadtree Segmented Wavelet Transform Image Coding

Jia-Chyi Wu

#1122: Spatial-Temporal Fast Corner Detector for Videos

Chia-Chun Lee, Yun-Jung Chang, Yen-Yu Lin, and Chun-Rong Huang

#1140: Efficient Coding Unit and Mode Decision Algorithm for HEVC Intra Prediction

Kuang-Han Tai, Xin Zhi Li, and Mei-Juan Chen

#1125: A Fully Automatic Method to Mammary Gland Segmentation

Chien-Chuan Ko, Jun-Hong Lin, and ChiYang Chen

#1133: Fast CU Partition Algorithm Based on Rate-Distortion Variation in HEVC

Yih-Chuan Lin and Cheng Hsu Chun

#1197: Gantry-Mounted Laser-Stripe Scanning System for Face Shape Recovery

Chia-Yen Chen, Po-Sen Huang, Sheng-Wen Huang, Jia-Hong Zhang, and Bao Rong Chang

#1053: Evaluation of Crack Flaws in Ultrasonic Imaging

Ren-Jean Liou, Kuang-Chian Kao, and Chin-Yung Yeh

#1116: A Survey of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems: History, Applications and Future

Chung-Shuo Fan, Jia-Ming Liang, Yi-Ting Lin, Kun-Ru Wu, Kuan-Yi Li, Ting-Yu Lin, and Yu-Chee Tseng

#1030: Grid-based Hole Recovery Mechanism using Virtual Force in Hybrid WSNs

Kuo-Feng Huang and Po-Ju Chen

#1032: A Handover Prediction Mechanism Based on Mobility in LTE-A

Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang, and Yi-Hsin Lin

#1213: RSSI-based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks with Grid Topologies

Wei-Mei Chen and Chen-Yu Ho

#1018: Using Wi-Fi Direct to Assist Real-Time Traffic Conditions Delivery

Yeong-Chang Maa, Mao-Hsu Yen, Yi-Chin Li, and Ying-Shin Lai

#1082: Integrated Software and Platform Deployment on Cloud Environment

Yue-Shan Chang, Wei-Liang Hsu, and Zheng-Han Tan

#1136: Scientific Evaluation on a Virtual Machine

Chau-Yi Chou and Kuen Tsann Chen

#1048: A Run-time Manager for Multithreading of Multi-core Systems

Cheng Hung Hsieh and Jer Min Jou

#1257: Construction of GPU Virtualization Using PCI Direct Pass-Through for GPU in Cloud

Chao-Tung Yang, Wei-Shen Ou, Yu-Shang Lo, Chao-Wei Huang, and Chih-Hung Chang

#1226: Feature Selection for Multispectral Brain Image Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ja-Chih Fu, Jyh-Wen Chai, Chia-Hao Chen, Hsian-Min Chen, and Clayton Chi-Chang Chen

#1178: Heartbeat Measurement Based on Laser Speckle Fingerprint

Kahlil Muchtar; Chia-Hung Yeh; Cheng Wei Lee; Wen Hung Xu; Po-Yi Sung

#1214: Detection and Classification of MS Lesions in Multispectral MR Images

Hsian-Min Chen, Jyh-Wen Chai, Clayton Chi-Chang, Yen-Chieh Ouyang, Ching-Wen Yang, Sen-Kan Lee, and Chein-I Chang

#1149: A Cloud Based Dynamic Content Delivery Network

Piboonudompornkul Pawat, Chih-Tien Fan, and Zong-You Wu