Best Paper Award and Best Poster Award

ICS2014 Best Paper Awards

(Order by Paper ID)

Wen-Hao Tsai, Yan-Ting Lin, Kuan-Rung Lee, and Yau-Hwang Kuo
“Landscape Recommendation System Using Public Preference Mining and Social Influence Analysis”

Chun-Yu Chen and Jou Jer Min
“A Transaction-based Design Model and Its MPEG-2 Encoder Design”

Jing-Ming Guo, Jia-Yu Chang, and Yun-Fu Liu
“Banding Effect Removal for Digital Multitoning”

Cheng-Zen Yang, Wei-Chen Kao, Chih-Chuan Yang, and Chao-Yuan Lee
“Predicting Severity of Bug Reports using Implicit Tags”

Jen-En Huang, Yi-Ting Chen, and Der-Jiunn Deng
“Contention Window Size Optimization in Dense but Unsaturated IEEE 802.11ac WLANs”

Shu-Chen Chen, and Chih-Ping Chu
“Establish Controllable Process Performance Model for Software Cost Prediction and Management in Software Development”

Yu-Ann Chen and Pau-Choo Chung
“Enhanced Local Support Vector Machine with Fast Cross-Validation Capability”

Shih-Yu Chen,Hsian-Min Chen, Chi-Chang Chen, Bor-Hung Lin, Ching-Wen Yang, Yen-Chieh Ouyang, San-Kan Lee, Jyh-Wen Chai, and Chein-I Chang
“Weighted Radial Basis Function Kernel-Based Support Vector Machines for Multispectral Magnetic Resonance Brain Image Classification”


ICS2014 Best Poster Awards

(Order by Paper ID)

Chia-Chun Lee, Yun-Jung Chang, Yen-Yu Lin, and Chun-Rong Huang
“Spatial-Temporal Fast Corner Detector for Videos”

I-Hsien Liu, Tian-Li Wang, and Jung-Shian Li
“An Effective Group Communications in Hybrid VANET”

Chien-Ting Kuo, He-Ming Ruan, Shih-Jen Chen, and Chin-Laung Lei
“A Security Assessment Environment and Process Design for Smart Meter Vendor Production Line”